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About Chris

Chris Burns is a prophetic psalmist, revivalist, and preacher who has been marked with the call to pioneer resting places for the Lord God in people, cities, and nations across the earth. Through living out a First-Commandment lifestyle he carries the spirit of revival desiring to bring awakening and transformation to cities and regions all over the world.

Chris and his wife Danielle, along with their children Jude, Mila, and Elisabeth; seek to rebuild the fallen tent of David and see generations live in abandoned intimacy with God and express this through all of the creative arts, leading worship, and the preaching of the gospel.


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“The depth and richness of anointing is precious and stirs hearts for a deeper more intimate experience of worship. Your ministry is vital to the Body and we appreciate all you are pouring out over and onto His people.”

Sandra Scott

“I couldn’t find the words to pray and did not know what to say. It was at this time I came across one of Chris’s songs called “you’re worth it all”. As I listened to it, the Holy Spirit pour his love and peace over me in a way that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I began to weep for hours and hours and had this song on replay. God did a healing work in my heart.”

Ruzanna Tovmasyan

“The first encounter my Jewish husband had of the prophetic gifting of the Holy Spirit that he could absolutely not deny was at your meeting in Fresno Ca.  You led worship for the evening service.  It was an amazing night of worship – I was completely undone.  At the end of the service you felt led to prophesy over every person in attendance.  I grabbed my husband’s hand and drug him up front with me.  When you reached me, the prophecy that you spoke over me was so accurate that my husband literally took a step back.”

Alan & Joy Zipper

“I have been doing missions trips and I’ve started an internship with an urban missions organization and I was wondering when I would just break free in worship. When Mr. Burns spoke, every single thing that he said spoke directly to my heart, and God answered questions I had for years. Then he led us into another time of worship, saying there would be a sound released that night. I wound up on the floor, crawling to the altar and speaking in tongues that I could finally understand.”

Rebekah Hoffman

“And we found your worship incredibly touching! It’s really pure beauty for the ears and definitely for our spirits! We found your music by coincidence,but we’re not regreting! We’ll  recommend for sure your music to friends and others! It’s God’s work through you and whole Ministry.”

Paula and Michał Krawczyk


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